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Gamma Chi's Alumni Golf Outing

Brother Alumni:

Well you missed it. Missed what...? You missed 18 holes of "No Pressure - Rely on your Partner" Scramble Golf. The day was perfect: Fresh Air; bright sunshine, groans coming from the Driving Range, the sound of tree limbs going crack in the woods and every once in a while the elusive "Ya - Hoo" was heard far and wide at Pickering Golf Club.

But what would a Delta Sig event be without a lot of strong hand shakes and backs slapped. Good friends who had not seen each other in a year, or since last Fall's 50th Anniversary at the Main Building, or since the night before. A good time was had by all. We even had a beer cart cruising around. Now wait, don't get too excited - it was one of the Active Brothers who came out to have fun mixing it up with the Alums. A grateful "Thanks Dadly" was heard many a time during our day of fun.

You think that was it - not a chance. The day ended with a big spread at The Boathouse near by. We had the place to ourselves, so guess what: more fun, a lot of laughs, the sound of scorecards being erased (....adjusted) & Shrimp and Hot Wing chewing filled the silence. In the end, rounds were tallied and prizes were passed out. In my case a new excuse for next year's tourney - a shiny new putter.

Thanks to all who came out. Everyone seemed to have a great time. To the rest of you - a chance missed, but there is always hope. Hope that you will join in next year and make it an even bigger success. See you next September for the 3rd Annual Delta Sig Golf Tournament.

YITBOS - Dave "Fuzzy" Rahusen '81

PS: Check out the Event photos!

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